What Video Games Do Students Play the Most?

One of the best things about joining college is that students get a chance to discover new and exciting hobbies, such as playing video games. And the most amazing thing about playing video games is that you can easily access them from your smartphone. There are plenty of games in the gaming industry which provides you with a wide variety to choose from.

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So what are some of the most played video games by students?


If you are a fan of the shooting-action kind of video games that feature several superheroes, you definitely need this game on your computer if you haven’t tried it out yet. It is a popular game among youngsters, so it’s time to go on a shooting spree with some of your video-gaming mates.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Choosing this one, get ready for a really engaging battle with gun sounds. It is filled with action right from the start, with dying soldiers, explosions, and buildings collapsing, being the major highlights of the game.

Grand Theft Auto

You can tell from the name of this video game that car stealing is one of the activities. It is an adventure and action-packed game that will keep you focused until the end. Talk of an endless police chase and constant shooting while running or drivings cars and motorbikes, this video game is the real deal. You also get to choose the mode to play in, first-person or third-person.

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How deep is your love for some soccer actions? If you come across some cheers and loud celebratory noises near college dorms, chances are there is a Fifa video game action going on. It is loved by many, and it is in the list of the most popular video games among students.

Far Cry

There are numerous tasks to be accomplished in this game, so it is up to you to figure out how to go about it. Everything is provided, from enemies, weapons, and transport means. The bottom line here is that you need to be fast.

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