Creative teaching methods: From hip-hop to PlayStation

Teaching styles can either encourage students to learn or make them stay away from the process preferring to hire an essay writing company instead. Teachers are supposed to help, provide feedback, ensure success and, of course, work with the strengths and interests. As technologies evolve, they have to make much more effort to keep up and make their students attentive. Applying more original methods of education is a way out: some are obvious, like adding computers, but some are truly creative and pretty much non-standard.

Uncommon ways to teach nicely

All students have different learning styles: auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learners are absorbing and processing information differently. However, there are ways that can make all of them equally interested in the subject:

Design thinking. This method is based on group analysis, brainstorming, and coming up with creative solutions of real-life cases. It prepares students for the world behind college walls and enhances their curiosity, creativity, and analytical skills.

Self-learning. Nothing encourages you to learn more than discovering things yourself. Let the students explore the topic on their own, driven by curiosity. Creating mind maps and studying the material, they will remember more than reading huge articles with plenty of complicated terms.

Flipped classroom. The technique lets the students learn information at home and then apply it in the classroom while making the lesson more dynamic. It makes such classes not boring and gives an opportunity to exchange thoughts and remember the material more effectively.

Hip-hop. No surprise that song lyrics are remembered easier than long lists of vocabulary or an article in History. That is why some teachers do not hesitate to use hip hop rhythms and rap battles when explaining new topics. Thus students get more focused and excited about learning absorbing information easily.

Gaming. Learning through playing is the basic method applied from kindergarten but not all still use them in college: and for nothing. Admit, you have never thought that PlayStation would make your students motivated - but it really does. That is why it is worth trying to create projects based on games and test them in your classroom.

Social media. There is no student who would not be connected to social media, so why not use this weakness and turn it into a strength? For example, they can review the tweets of political leaders and learn about their strategies or correct grammar mistakes on the Instagram of their favorite singers and actors.

Those teachers who get to know the learning styles can adapt their approach accordingly, making it diversified. However, sometimes even encouraged students may need little online college homework help. Not always writing papers can be made more pleasant than it is, so if students don't fall for it, they may still order an online academic paper to improve their grades.

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